“National Embarrassment”

On Wednesday 20th June 2007 the heading above is how a press release touching on matters concerning the Royal Navy warship H.M.S. Cornwall, shown below was being described, or touched upon by the news media.


By clicking on the following website address as it is being displayed here you will be able to read the overall news item referred to :- 

On several occasions I have read and also heard the following being quoted; “Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story”

Well, on April, 26th 1949 the then Prime Minister, Clement Attlee, provided the House of Commons and this nation with a story in the form of a statement about the Royal Navy warship H.M.S. Amethyst, and part of its ships company that had been captured and held hostage on the Yangtze River, of China.

That statement was a lie from beginning to end horrendous lie that has stood in the way of truth for the past fifty eight years in order to prevent remedy or reparation to those who suffered as a result of the wrongful acts and omissions of a Crown Officer, who whilst purporting to perform his duties caused and brought about the incident in the first instance. (The incident being; the Yangtze Incident, 20th April, 1945




Now on the fifty eighth anniversary of the Yangtze Incident, via the news media we are being subjected to the crap and whitewash that’s flowing from the H.M.S. Cornwall, incident where 15 members of that ships crew were taken and held hostage by Iranian Revolutionary Guard, gunboats in the Gulf, 23rd March, 2007., and from what is being reported it would seem that a Lieutenant General Sir Rob Fulton, a former Commandant of the Royal Marines, investigating the operational side of the incident concluded there was no case for disciplinary action against any of the individuals concerned.

By that it would seem that (Crown Officer’s) Commodore Nick Lambert, the coalition task force commander and Cmdr Jeremy Woods, are off the hook.

Well to Defense Secretary, Des Brown, please accept from me a very special Bravo - Zulu, in that you have found a fucking tame Boot-neck, now do us all a favor either resign from the position you now hold or commit suicide and take that fucking remnant of a boot-neck with you.

Further to this, it has not escaped my attention that Admiral Sir Jonathon Brand, the head of the Royal Navy, has allegedly said; some personnel could still face “appropriate administrative action” as a result of Gen Fulton’s findings.

“People who need to be given any messages will be given the message,” he said.

Well with that being the position, here’s a copy of an original Navy message




That was the message that brought to light that a ship of the Royal Navy had became involved in a hostage situation fifty eight years ago, but since then political deceit and deception became the


name of the game in order to cover up the wrongful acts and omissions that caused and brought about the incident in the first instance.

Here below is a photograph of H.M.S. Amethyst, that was taken as the ship tied up alongside Tamar, jetty at Hong Kong, following its escape from China’s, Yangtze River. 


And here below is a photograph of a placard that’s been on display on board H.M.S. Belfast, a tourist attraction in London.




I’ve visited the H.M.S. Belfast, website and read that related under the history  heading; H.M.S. Belfast, 1945-1947 and I am of the opinion that, that, depicted on the poster headed (THE AMETHYST INCIDENT) is a corruption of that provided the history heading;  H.M.S. Belfast, 1945-1947.

However, my attention was drawn in particular to a note worthy paragraph that was within the H.M.S. Belfast, 1945-1947 item and that paragraph I now quote *  “Although H.M.S. Belfast, was not actively involved in the crisis, the Commander-in-Chief, Far East Station, Admiral Sir Patrick, was wearing his flag on board in Hong Kong and all orders given to Amethyst’s, temporary commander, Lieutenant Commander, J.S. Kerans, emanated from the Belfast. * Unquote. (No doubt the word crisis is been used as an inference to the Yangtze Incident.)

Well it may be that the H.M.S. Belfast, was not involved in the crisis, but Admiral Sir Patrick Brind’s, Flag Officer, Second-in-Command, Vice Admiral, A.C.G. Madden, was involved in the crisis, so much so that it was on his orders and decisive decisions that caused and brought about the Yangtze Incident in the first instance and at a time when Admiral, Sir Patrick Brind, was absent from the Far East Station.

Further to this there is no doubt about the fact that it was temporary commander, Lieutenant Commander, J.S. Kerans who brought the Amethyst out of  the Yangtze River, whether or not it was on orders that emanated from the Belfast, that is irrelevant when it is considered that but for the three valiant efforts put in by M.M.S. Consort, and its ships company over a two hour period on the 20th April, 1949 the Amethyst and those of its ships company that were still on board, were never coming out of the Yangtze, and to this day more than fifty eight years onward in time the seamanship and valor that went into those three rescue attempts has never been fully recognized.

So you see I for one couldn’t care less as to whether Admiral Sir Patrick Brind, was wearing his flag or red silk drawers on board H.M.S. Belfast, in Hong Kong, while sending orders to the Amethyst, as when Kerans, brought the Amethyst, out of the Yangtze, and secured her to Tamar jetty in Hong Kong, Admiral, Sir Patrick Brind, done a Nelson, by turning a blind eye over that which his Second-in-Command, had ordered into the Yangtze River in the first instance, a ship with malfunctioning main-armament and no secondary armament on board.

Here now is a little news item that appeared on, page 17 of, The West Australian Newspaper, Saturday, June, 23, 2007.  I did of course purchase the item from, The Western Australian and I have the permission of that source, to use the item on my Website.




 Now we know that the Royal Australian Navy’s incident occurred on December, 6, 2004 and that the fourteen ratings involved in the boarding party were rescued from the situation by an Australian Sea Hawk helicopter.

Here let me quote the last paragraph in the item above;

I quote * “In Canberra, Commodore Steve Gilmore said the Australians had taken a no-nonsense approach. “As Australians I think we all know our capacity to engage, to diffuse by discussion and they indeed did that,” he said. *Unquote.

Now to conclude;              

                                             “To All within the M.O.D.”

Rule Britannia, marmalade or jam, five Chinese crackers up your arseholes, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.





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